Today, having a receptive structure and not practicing any hotel tourism marketing activity is like owning a Ferrari but not the petrol to get it started. In fact, an online and offline communication activity that can make customers choose your hotel, YOUR B & B, your hostel among many that are available with a simple click. How to do? We’ll show it to you.

Hotel tourism marketing: some suggestions to boost it

Be different:

Before saying that the customers are ugly, dirty and bad, ask yourself a question: you, in your hotel, you would spend the night? At the same figure you would opt for a competing structure (be honest, though!)? Here, the secret is to differentiate: offer a valid reason why people should come to you. We are not just talking about the price but also about the services, the reception. Also, trivially, have employees who speak 4-5 languages ​​fluently.


It would seem normal but in reality it is not. In the sense that, in an effective hotel tourism marketing strategy, the reviews must always be kept under control. On all portals: from Facebook to TripAdvisor via Booking. All. The comments should be given a unique, unique answer: if the user took a few minutes to talk about you, you must lose more than a few seconds to thank him. And, in the event of a bad review, never get out. Never. Necessary, always, keep calm.

Maximum care on Social:

Opening a Facebook page or a profile on Instagram is not enough. It is not enough: you have to update them daily, with daily postings and, above all, also given the change in the algorithm of Facebook, the sponsored campaigns have become essential. In other words, you’ll have to reserve a separate budget for Facebook advertising.

Continuous updates:

Perhaps it could be understood not as an activity to be connected to hotel tourism marketing, but it is necessary: ​​if your hotel is full, say it. Write it on Booking, update your website! Not only because it gives valid information to users, but also because you will give the impression of one who is ‘always on the piece’ and, therefore, you will encourage people to write to you. Ragiona: how many times did you want to write to a site but did not do it because you saw that it did not update its social profiles or the site itself? It’s the same thing that happens with your hotel.

Never lean on one channel:

The golden rule of web tourism marketing: never rely completely on one channel. What does it mean? What if, for example, on you are very strong and you have the bulk of the bookings from there, this is an advantage but also a disadvantage. If for any reason you close, the same end will make your structure. So, it is important to have at least two channels that work properly, if one of them should collapse, you would still have a solid foundation.

Give a reason to come back:

Did you know that Italians hardly change bathing establishment? Here, you must also give a reason to make sure that people return to your structure. And, even here, the same is true: the price is not the only discriminating factor. Service, hospitality, comfort. They are a combination of factors that encourage the customer to return.


Hotel tourism marketing: the importance of relying on professionals

You have arrived here, you have read the main factors of an effective tourist hotel marketing, but now you are asking the classic question: “I do not have the time, I do not want to take care of communication, how can I do it?”. Now it’s time to rely on professionals, people with years of experience behind them. Would you call a plumber to get a computer repaired? Surely not. And, for this reason, it’s time to make sure that your hotel’s tourist tourism marketing starts to take off because, remember, it’s not enough to have a good product, but you have to know how to communicate.

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