Revenue Management

Increase revenue while keeping costs under control. HotelRevision has expanded the concept of revenue by supporting companies in every aspect of their business. A good revenue manager can not disregard the data analysis, a fundamental starting point that must however be exceeded in consideration of a market that is always evolving to be expected and not to be passively submitted. Each accommodation has strengths, a reason that drives customers to prefer it to others. From here we start to search for suitable sales channels on which to propose themselves in the most correct way in terms of pricing policy and image.


Web Agency

Let’s start with the data: according to an Oxa survey, 4 out of 10 companies in Italy do not yet have a website. If we consider that the percentage of those who do not use digital instruments has risen from 44% in 2013 to 24% in 2017, we need to run for cover. Thanks to a specialized staff, HotelRevision offers websites for all budgets, attractive and easily navigable from any mobile device. Furthermore, through good SEO / SEM programming, one can improve one’s visibility to reach the greatest number of potential customers.


Brand Reputation

The offer would not be complete without a profitable management of a company’s social channels. Allowing our customers to share their experience with others and to communicate directly and informally who we are in everyday life is the best way to a quality presence on the web. Without neglecting, of course, when talking about hotels, the care of the reviews to which it is right to respond, either by thanking in case of compliments, or arguing or simply apologizing if necessary when receiving negative feedback. The hotel must take care of the guests even after check-out. Hotel Revision supports the structures also in this delicate and fundamental process.


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